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Macrame Keychain Wristlet

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Our macrame keychain wristlet makes it easy to layer up those bags of groceries while keeping your keys handy to lock up your car on the way inside. Simply put your hand through the wristlet to keep your keys within reaching distance. Additionally, this keychain wristlet makes it easier to find your keys hidden in the darkest depths of your purse you’ve been meaning to clean out for ages. We’ve been there… We know. 

Our macrame keychain wristlets come in 6 colors! They are made using tight macrame knots and 100% cotton single twist macrame cording. A finished keychain measures about 8” in length.

Spot clean as needed. Do not use this wristlet to pull your keys out of the black hole that is the crevasse of your car/purse/etc., it will break! It can handle the weight of your keys, not much more.

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